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The Nation Live Civil War

If you haven’t viewed ‘The Nation// Live: Civil War’ videos, I think you should. They used the history of the Covenanters in Dumfries and Galloway in an innovative way as part of an art exhibition for a National Galleries of Scotland in 2013. The two video artworks featuring the Covenanters can be found here.

‘The Nation// Live: Civil War’
The first video, ‘The Nation// Live: Civil War’, begins at Crichope Linn, near Thornhill.

Map of Crichope Linn

It then features the grave of those killed in the Lochenkit Incident – John Gordon, William Herron, William Stewart, John Wallace – at Bads Knowe, to the north and west of Crocketford.

Map of Bads Knowe

Before using the memorial to John Hunter beside the A701 at the Devil’s Beeftub in Moffat parish. (Hunter is buried in Tweedsmuir churchyard.)

Map of Memorial to John Hunter

The monument to Gordon, Herron, Stewart and Wallace at Larg Hill, which lies very near their grave at Bads Knowe, appears and is followed by an account of the death of James Kirko at the sands of Dumfries by the Nith.

Map of Monument at Larg Hill

A small stone memorial to Kirko can be found on Brewery Street by White Sands in Dumfries.

Street View of Kirko Memorial

Jeanie Deans Grave Irongray“Jeanie Deans” Grave

‘Covenanters’ Ghosts’
The second video, ‘Covenanters’ Ghosts’, features the gravestone of James Kirko in Dumfries St Michael’s Old Parish churchyard.

Street View of St Michael’s Church

Later, the grave of Helen Walker, the prototype of Walter Scott’s “Jeanie Deans”, in Irongray churchyard appears. Scott paid for the memorial stone for Walker in 1831.

Street View of Irongray Churchyard

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