Three Covenanters Banished to Perth Amboy, New Jersey, in 1685 #History #Scotland


Three of the prisoners tried for treason on 6 August, 1685, were banished on the ‘Henry & Francis’ to Perth Amboy, for the Scots’ Colony of East Jersey.

22 August, 1685:
‘I James Baird ane of the serjants to Collonell [James] Douglas his oune companie [of Foot Guards] grant me to have receaved out of the Tolbuith of Edinburgh from My John Vanss and Arthure Vdney masters of the said Tolbuith the persons of William Jacksone William Cunynghame John Muirhead prisoners there conforme to ane ordor from his Maties privie Councill direct to Mr George Scott of Pitlochie who hes ordor from his Maties privie Councill to receave them and transport them to the fiorringe plantations and in respect the said Mr George Scott is not present at the recept of the said persons Therfor I bind and obleis me to procure ane recept from the said Mr George and lykwayes to warrand the Magistrats of Edr and Keepers of the said Tolbuith of all hazard that they or aither of them shall happen to sustaine through their said liberation
As witnes my hand att Edr the 22 day of August 1685 befor thir witnesss John Blaikie servant there and Mr Thomas Gow wryter heirof and syrvant in the said tolbuith
Sic Sub James Baird J Blaikie witnes’ (Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, XII, 174.)


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