Texts – The ‘Queensferry Paper’ or Covenant 1680

The Queensferry Paper June 1680

8 Responses to “Texts – The ‘Queensferry Paper’ or Covenant 1680”

  1. […] Nov.] ‘That he owns and justifies the new Covenant, called, Cargil’s Covenant [aka. the Queensferry Paper, seized on 3 June, […]

  2. […] To the eight articles, called the New Covenant, taken at the Queensferry off worthy H[enry] […]

  3. […] The proclamation named thirteen of the twenty-one individuals said to have taken part in the Sanquhar Declaration. Donald Cargill was also included for his part in the Queensferry Paper. […]

  4. […] by Law unto Us; of which hellish Plot and Conspiracy We have sufficient and convincing Evidence, particularly from their prodigious and treasonable Covenant, found with Mr. Donald Cargil (one of their most seditious Preachers) on the Third of June last; […]

  5. […] both Law and Fountainhall note, Cargill’s Covenant, aka. The Queensferry Paper, of 1680 was also burnt, even though it had previously been published by the council for public […]

  6. […] for disouning the King’s authority, and for adhæring to [Donald] Cargill’s Covenant [i.e., the Queensferry Paper].’ (Lauder, Historical Notices, I, […]

  7. […] adhere to the Papers that were found at the Queensferry upon Henry […]

  8. […] 1680], as a thing most agreeable to the Word. 9. To the Declaration at Rutherglen [of 1679]. 10. To the paper that was taken off worthy Henry Hall at the Queensferry [in June, 1680]. 11. To the burning of that hell-hatched thing called the Test, at Lanark [before […]

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