The Day Two Suns Rose Over Glasgow in 1683

On Friday 18 May, 1683, two suns rose over Glasgow. According to Robert Law:

‘May 18, 1683, does in the morning appear two suns; the paraelii, and an[e] rainbow seen by severalls at Glasgow the said morning, towards our zenith’. (Law, Memorialls, 247.)

A scientific explanation for the Reverend Law’s observation is that sun dogs were the cause of the ‘two suns’. Law even uses a technical term, the paraelii, to indicate that fact.

For other spectacular wonders viewed in Scotland of the 1680s, see here.

~ by drmarkjardine on August 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Day Two Suns Rose Over Glasgow in 1683”

  1. Probably sun dogs, Mark especially as he uses the classical name for them.

  2. […] suns had also been seen over Glasgow earlier in the […]

  3. […] However, did Law know what it was that he recorded? He also states that ‘the lyke has not been usuall’ and that it was ‘a circle about the sun, much lyke to a rainbow’. Law certainly knew about rainbow-like optical effects around the Sun, as he identified a sun dog over Glasgow in 1683. […]

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