Martyrs’ Testimonies



Testimony of Archibald Alison Aug 1680

Testimony of John Malcolm Aug 1680

Testimony of John Potter Dec 1680

Testimony of Archibald Stewart Dec 1680

Testimony of James Skene Dec 1680


Testimony of Gogar Miller Sangster March 1681

Last Speech & Testimony of William Gogar March 1681

Testimony of Christopher Miller March 1681

Testimony of Robert Sangster March 1681

A Letter From Edenbrough March 1681

Testimony of Laurence Hay July 1681

Testimony of Andrew Pitilloch July 1681

Testimony of William Cuthill July 1681

Testimony of William Thomson July 1681

Testimony of Patrick Forman Oct 1681

Testimony of James Stewart Oct 1681


Gallows Speech of Alexander Hume Dec 1682


Testimony of David MacMillan May 1683

Testimony of Arthur Bruce Nov 1683

Testimony of John Cochran Nov 1683

Testimony of John Whitelaw Nov 1683


Testimony of George Martin Feb 1684

Testimony of James Nisbet June 1684

Testimony of Banished to Carolina Jun 1684

Testimony of James Lawson and Alexander Wood Oct 1684

Testimony of James Graham Dec 1684

Testimony of Thomas Robertson Dec 1684


Testimony of Robert Miller Jan 1685

Testimony of Thomas Stoddart Aug 1685

Testimony of Edward Marshall Dec 1685




2 Responses to “Martyrs’ Testimonies”

  1. […] Prior to their execution, all three Cameronians had subscribed a joint testimony directed to the shire of Stirlingshire. It can be found here. […]

  2. […] as Caesar’ was Nebuchadnezzar’s golden idol of the Book of Daniel Chapter 3. Intriguingly, the martyrs’ testimony of Arthur Bruce, who was executed nearby at Edinburgh’s mercat cross on 30 November, 1683, had […]

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