An Alien UFO was Sighted over #Scotland in 1685 #History #UFO

Aliens UFO Scotland 1676

It sounds like one of Erich von Däniken’s claims of ancient alien contact, but remarkable evidence shows that alien UFOs did visit Scotland in the Seventeenth Century. Did the Scottish Covenanters have a close encounter with an alien spacecraft during the reign of King James VII in 1685? Sometimes the truly unexpected turns up in the historical sources, but an eyewitness statement of seeing a UFO in Scottish skies is totally unexpected …

For two minutes on the rainy night of Sunday 1 to Monday 2 November, 1685, a very bright UFO traversed through the atmosphere above Scotland. The five men who witnessed it had no idea what it was, but thought that it was a providential sign from God…

The story of this close encounter involves a Covenanter known as John Nisbet of Hardhill and four other militant followers. Those with Hardhill on that day in 1685 were his son, James Nisbet, who recorded the encounter. Also with him were William Woodburn and perhaps John Ferguson and Peter Gemmel, who were summarily shot in the fields when Hardhill was captured a week later. Did the Restoration government want to cover this up? That may be a step too far, but it took place in the seventeenth-century Area51.

The Historical Sources for the UFO
The two sources for the sighting of the UFO are James Nisbet’s account of his father’s capture and execution published in 1717 and the original manuscript of his spiritual autobiography held in Edinburgh’s esteemed Signet Library.

According to Hardhill’s son:

‘The Sabbath night before he [i.e., John Nisbet of Hardhill] was taken, as he and four more were travelling, it being exceeding dark, no wind, but a thick, small rain, no moon, for that was not her season, behold, suddenly the clouds clave asunder towards the east and west, above our heads, and there sprang out a light beyond that of the sun, which lasted above the space of two minutes. They heard a noise, and were much amazed.’ (Select Biographies, II, 384.)

James Nisbet gives a longer eyewitness account of the UFO encounter is his spiritual autobiography:

‘a second Instance is the Sabbath Night seventh night before [i.e. the night of 1 November, 1685] he was taken [i.e., on the morning of Sunday 8 November] and he I and three more were travelling it being exceeding dark no wind but a little small rain and no moon for that was not her season, behold suddenly by the clouds clove above our heads from the southwest to the north east and there sprung forth a light as bright as that of the sun at noon day, yea it was much more pleasant, tho’ much more amazing and astonishing, which light continued about the space of two minutes, we all heard a noise and were much [and] affraid surprized saying one to another what may this mean but he spake none only uttered three deep and heavy groans. Wm Woodburn his friend asked him what it might mean…’ (Nisbet. ‘Narrative’, 89-90.)

What was the Pleasant Light ‘Beyond that of the Sun’?
There is no way this object was man-made. It was 1685 after all and over two-hundred years before powered flight.

According to Nisbet, the UFO appeared on an ‘exceedingly dark’ night which had no moon. It was also a cloudy night with ‘a thick’, or ‘little’, ‘small rain’, which sounds like the kind of conditions that are common on the high moors in the West of Scotland.

Nisbet states that the clouds above their heads were suddenly ‘clove above our heads from the southwest to the north east’ and that there ‘sprung forth a light as bright as that of the sun at noon day, yea it was much more pleasant, tho’ much more amazing and astonishing.’ He also states that ‘we all heard a noise and were much affraid [and] surprized’

His description of it as ‘a light beyond that of the sun’ suggests that it was a very bright object. The sun is about 400,000 times brighter than the full moon. The object was so bright it changed a very dark moonless night into the daylight of noon. However, Nisbet curiously wrote the light ‘was much more pleasant’ than that of the Sun. What does he mean when he says the light was much more pleasant than that of the Sun? Who knows? There was clearly something pleasant about the light.

And what of the strange noise that accompanied the ‘pleasant’ light? They have been sonic booms caused by the speed of the alien craft which remained visible to them for ‘about the space of two minutes’. What else but an alien UFO could have been so bright, made a strange noise and remained in the sky for over two minutes?

Comet in 1680

The Paisley Incident

A possible sighting of a similar UFO took place over nearby Paisley in June, 1676. On that occasion it was described as sword shaped and ‘moving here and there’. Testimony was sworn under oath that people had witnessed it:

‘June 1676, at Pa[i]sley, betwixt 11 and 12 at night, was seen by one man and four women a great fire from the heavens, and after that a sword in the air over above the tolbooth, moving here and there, which did much amase the beholders. They being examined by the minister and one of the bailies of that town, did depone upon oath that they saw it.’ (Law, Memorialls, 94.)

At the same time a French jeton, a coin-like token used for counting in circa 1676, shows a UFO. You can see that at the top of this post. What else could that be?

Where was the UFO Sighted?
Nisbet does not describe where the fireball was observed from. However, he probably witnessed it in the area around Eaglesham Moor when he and his father were in hiding from government soldiers. Hardhill had fled from his home by Newmilns, which lies directly to the south of Eaglesham Moor. A few days before the UFO sighting he had attended a field preaching by James Renwick on the moor and a week later he was captured at Midland farm which lies just to the west of the moor. Eaglesham Moor covers the a large area between the shires of Renfrew, Lanark and Ayr in the West of the Scotland, and today much of it is covered by the Whitelee Wind Farm. It was the seventeenth-century Area51.

Map of Eaglesham Moor

The Trajectory of the UFO
According to Nisbet, the light split the clouds above their heads ‘towards the east and west’, which may suggest that the UFO travelled from east to west across the moor and out over Arran and Kintyre before heading out over the Atlantic Ocean for America.

However, in his more reliable manuscript version, he states that it moved ‘from the southwest to the north east’, i.e across Scotland and towards Norway nd Russia.

Nisbet’s claim that the UFO lasted about two minutes was an estimate that drew on his memory rather than an accurate timing. However, the apparent duration of the event is far too long for a meteor or fireball. Clearly a UFO was transiting through the sky above the clouds.

How was the UFO Interpreted?
According to Nisbet:

‘They said one to another, “What may that mean?” But he spake none, only uttered three deep and heavy groans. One of them asked him what it might mean; he said, We know not well at present, but within a little we shall know better; yet we have a more sure word of prophecy, unto which we would do well to take heed; and then he groaned, and said, “As for me, I am ready to live to Him or die for Him, as he in his providence shall call me to it, and bear me through in it; and although I have suffered much from prelates and false friends these twenty-one years, yet now I would not for a thousand worlds I had done otherwise; and if the Lord spare me, I will be more zealous for his precious truths, and if not, I am ready to seal his cause with my blood, for I have longed for it these sixteen years, and it may be ere long I will get it to do; welcome be his will, and if he will help me through with it, I shall praise him to all eternity.”’ (Select Biographies, II, 384-5.)

What was this UFO over Scotland? The truth is out there … you just have to look.

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  1. Fascinating. Really enjoyed this morning’s read.

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