Banishments of Covenanters and Argyll Prisoners in July 1685 #History #Scotland


Following the unsuccessful Argyll Rising of May to June, 1685, the government conducted large-scale banishments of prisoners held in Edinburgh. Most were banished to the plantations in Jamaica.

[24 July, 1685]
Banished:– William Smith, Andrew Scot, James Forrest, John Elliot, Georg Young, Robert Cameron, John Gib, James Stewart, John Swane, William Haistie, James Olipher, John Jackson, Thomas Weir, Neil Black, Gilbert McArthur, Duncan McMillen, John Campbell, sone to Walter [Campbell], John Fletcher, Archibald Thomson, Duncan McVig, Ivar Grahame, John McGibbon, John McCuming, John Campbell, John McIchan, John McIver, John Dow McLauchlan.

Delayed:– Alexander Ritchie, Robert Campbell, John McLauchlane.

Remitted to the Justices:– Thomas Stoddart [executed 12 August], James Wilkie[son], Mathew Bryce [executed 12 August], Archibald Campbell in Paulswork.

Dismist:– John Campbell, a young boy.
All in the Cannogate Tolbooth.

[28 July]
Banished:– William McCall, John Finnieson, John Kennedy, James Corsbie, Robert Sharp, William Marschaell, Andrew Jardin, Agnes Ferguson, Marion Lawson, Elizabeth Kirkwall, Bessie Jardine, Janett McQueen, Mary Clerk. Nota: These in this colum banished. Being men are to have their [left] lugs cut, and women brunt in the cheek.

Remitted:– Edward Stit, David Low [executed 12 August], Gavin Russell [executed 12 August].

Dismist:– one their enactment to live regularly and appear when called, haveing sworn alleadgience:– John Black, Walter Donaldson, William Maider, Georg Howatsone, Robert Rae, Andrew Bell.

Dismist at the Bar:– Robert Johnstoun, a sojer; Janet Dobie, a poor old woman.

[29 July]
Banished:– John Gilliland, Hector McGibbon, Archibald McGibbon, Samwell Huie [warded 10 July]; with Argyle:

Alexander Jamieson [taken at Carsgailoch. Warded 10 July], Andrew Reid, John Huy, William McIlroy [in Kirkcalla], Quintan Dune [in Benquhat], William Drenon, John McVillie, John Cuninghame, Thomas Richard [in Strabracken, Glenluce parish, warded 10 July], Archibald Campbell, Alexander Manson, Mathew Hamiltoun [charity of Tolbooth given to him 17 June]; all in Edinburgh tolbooth: Thes to have their ears cut.

Delayed:– Gil[bert]. McIlroy [in Kirkcalla], Cam, Engleishman.

Dismist:– John McBlean, William McBlean, James McBryde, Mith. Smith.

[30 July]
Banished:– Gilbert Ferguson, John Campbell, Donald McTaylior, Archibald McTyre, John McGillich, Donald McIlmoon, Robert Hutchieson, Archibald McIlvain, Donald McIveraine, David Ochiltree, Duncan Alexander, John Adam, Patrick Stewart, Malcome Whyte, Colin Campbell, John Balvaradge; all with Argyle prisoners in the Cannogate.

Walter Hownan, James Murray [burgess of Dumfries. Later died in prison], Malcome [i.e., Matthew] Bryce [executed 12 August], James Wilkieson, Thomas Stodhart [executed 12 August], Grissell Alstoun; to be cut in the ear and the woman burnt.

Delayed:– David Campbell, John Campbell, seek, Samuel Grahame, seek, John Clerk.

Dismist or Liberat:– Robert Blaikburn, James Ramsay, Robert Or; the oath , alleadgience and prerogative and enact.

[30 July]
Prisoners in the Correction House sentenced the same tyme:–
Hugh McLean, Donald Campbell, John McIlhallum, Duncan Fletcher, Alexander Grahame, John McLean, Duncan Thomson, Donald Moor, Donald Morisone, Neill McIlbryde, Malcom Blak, Dugall McKello, Hugh McQueen, Donald Johnstoun, Sorlay Lamond, John Nicol, Malcom McIvar, Angus McIvar, Neill McKairne, Duncan McIlvory, Duncan McIlbryde, John McKell, Neill Thomson, John McKello, Donald McLachlan, Donald McIvar, James Gray; all with A[rgyle].

Delayed:– ______McGibbon sent to Edinburgh tolbooth as a witnes for the King.

Dismist and ordered to be liberat:– Malcolme McNeill, John McLauchlan, servant to Cragintyry; James Wilson, not with A[rgyle].; Test.

[31 July]
Banished:– Thomas Trumble with A[rgyle]; John Simpson [warded 22 July], Jam[es]. Gray (deleted), James Gavin [in Douglas parish], John Mundill [later died in prison], Andrew McLean; Anna Murray [suspected of child murder. Returned from Burntisland 20 May], Kathern Laikie, Cristan Gardner [confessed adultery and child murder. Warded 11 May], Janett Walace, for alleged murder of their own children; Margerat Holmes [warded 10 July] for not owneing authority: To be cut in the ears and banishd, and the women to be burnt in the cheek.

Delayed:– Thomas Abercrombie [elder in Dalwyne], old, James Munsie [burgess in Dumfries. Died in prison], Gavin Lockhart, Mrs Binning, Elizabeth Brown, all seek in the prison of Edinburgh.

Remittted to the Justices:– William Cuninghame, John Murehead [Shotts or Dumfries who died at Leith], William Jackson, Mr Alexander Sheill.

Dismist and Liberat:– Hugh McGallant, John Beattie, William McMeikin; having sworn the alleadgience. Jan. Paterson, very old and regular. Nota: Thir prisoners are in Edinburgh tolbooth.

[31 July]
Banished:– James Baird, Neill McCallum, Duncan McCallume, Archibald McCureith, John McNeill, Archibald McNeill, Donald Ferguson, John Anderson, Duncan Sinclare, Archibald Lammond, Donald McCurrie, Donald Crawford, William Watsone, John Martine, Duncan Ferguson, James Hall, John McChalartie, Duncan McMicheall, Alexander McMillen, John McIntargat, James Young, Alexander McKurie, John McIvar, Neill McInlae, Archibald McCallum, Dugald Clerk, Donald Walker, Archibald McKwen, Donald McKeun, John Crawfurd, Martin McBae; all with Argyle.

John Allan, Robert Edward, John McMitchaell, Roger McMichaell, John Weir, Robert Muire, John Dunie; to have their ear cutt.

Allan McWhidie, Neill Campbell, Neil Walker, William Hoode, Duncan McQueen, John McKewn, John McGowan, Coline Campbell, Hector McNeill, John McDounie, Alexander McLime, Neill McConachy, Archibald McCorkadale, Duncan McDougald, Duncan Walker, Archibald Brown, Donald Brown, Duncan McMillen, Neill Kell, Duncan McIvar; all with Argyle. 177.

Dismist and Liberat:– George McAdam, John Paterson, Gilbert Walker, John McMeikie, James McMeikie, Georg McAdam, seek, Gilbert McRedie, Patrick McRedie, William Allan, William Brown, Robert Walker, Rodger McWalker, Gilber McRedie, David Kennedy, haveing all sworne the alleadgience and never to ryse in armes, David Patone, ane old man; Archibald Campbell, very old man, Duncan Broun, a young boy; dismist at the Bar.

(Summation at foot)— “Banished in all 177, of which there is to be cut in the eare, 49; delayed in prison, 15; remited to the justices, 11; dismist and libert, 40. (Total) 292.”

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