Covenanter Grave Girthon #History #Scotland


Robert Lennox in Irelandton. Girthon parish, Kirkcudbrightshire. Died 1685.

‘Sir Robert Grierson of Lag, having command of a part of Claverhouses Troop & Strauchans Dragoons, surprised Jo. Bell of Whiteside, David Haliday portioner of Mayfield, Andrew Macrabeit, James Clement, and Robert Lennox of Irlintown, and barbarously killed them after Quarters, without time allowed to pray; when John Bell of Whiteside begged a little time to pray, Lag answered, What Devil have you been doing? Have you not prayed enough these many years in the hills? and so shot him presently in the parish of Tongland in Galloway, Febr, 1685.’ (Shields, A Short Memorial, 37-8.)

Stone erected 1702-1714. Inscription:

‘Within this tomb lyes the corps of Robert Lennox sometime in Ireland toun who was shot to death by Grier of Lagg in the paroch of Toungland for his adherence to Scotlands Reformation Covenants National and Solemn League 1685.’

No poem.

Based on Shields.

The grave was recorded the first edition of Cloud of Witnesses (1714), but those pages are missing in the copy held by the National Library of Scotland. The following lines come from the second edition of 1720, which copied the first edition:
‘In the church-yard of Girthon, upon the body of Robert Lenox sometime in Irlintoun, shot by the laird of Lagg, Ann 1685.’

Map of Grave at Girthon

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