Covenanter Grave Doocot of Blackwood House #History #Scotland

Blackwood 1685

John Brown, Blackwood, Lesmahagow parish, Lanarkshire. Died 1685.

‘Liev Murray, now Prisoner in Edin. with his party, Shot one John Broun, after quarters given at Blackwood in Clidsdale, Mar. 1685.’ (A Short Memorial, 37.)

Stone erected 1702-1714. Inscription:
‘Here lyes the corpse of John Broun vho vas shot to death without shado of law Anno Dom 1685.’

‘Murray might murder such a godly Broun
Bot could not rob him of that croun
He nou enjoyes. His credit not his crime
Was noncomplyance vith a vicked time.’

Perhaps based on Shields, as the inscription contains less information that the text by Shields. The inscription is very similar to that found over Paterson and Barrie in nearby Strathaven.

Grave record in Cloud of Witnesses (1st edition, 1714, 287.):
‘On the Stone lying at Blackwood in the Parish of Lesmahago, upon the Corps of John Brown, who was shot by —— Murray, without sentence of Law, Anno 1685, and buried there in the open Fields.’

The gravestone lies in a private garden, but is visited by people from all over. The house owner has a visitors’ book and is proud of the interest shown. If you go to see this very unusual gravestone, as no other looks like it, please get in touch with the owner when you visit their garden. (With thanks to Ethyl Smith for this information.)

Map of Grave near Doocot of Blackwood House

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4 Responses to “Covenanter Grave Doocot of Blackwood House #History #Scotland”

  1. Have just come across something quite remarkable. Years ago I got two Draffan Wills from Scotlands People – one dated 1650 and the other 1681. I have never been able to read all of the Scots secretariat hand, and this afternoon tried to read the 1681 Will once more made by a John Draffan of Draffine. Looks like he left most to his brother David Draffan.
    However this time I went further down the second page and the name John Broun sprang out. I think it is there in the Will at least twice. About all I can read is ‘John Broun in Draffen’. The Draffan’s and Brown’s must have known each other, for James Draffan of Douglas Parish did marry Bessie Brown at Dalserf in July 1699.
    If you would like to read a copy of the will, please email me.

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