Ninth General Meeting of the Cameronians in 1696 #History #Scotland


The next general meeting of the Cameronians at Leadhills in Crawford parish is not of particular interest, but it does contain a list of names linked to particular shires. As such it is useful for both locating individuals involved in the Cameronians and where the Cameronians were in the mid 1690s.

09 General Meeting at Leadhills, 19 February, 1696.

Concluded that two of Messrs [Robert] Smith, James Mundell or John Bell [in Tinwald?] converse with Society people in Eskdale concerning the Cameronian’s Declaration at Sanquhar in 1695.

Members of the Committee were appointed:
James Currie, for Edinburgh.
David Mathieson, [in St Andrews?] for Fife.
John Heron, for Nithsdale.
Christopher Calvart in Hoddom parish, for Annandale.
Robert Heron, for Galloway.
John Wilson, for Ayrshire.
Alexander Porterfield or Robert Wallace, for Renfrewshire.
John Hanlan and Robert Hamilton, for Lanarkshire.
Sir Robert Hamilton, for the General Correspondence.

Concluded committee remove the suspension of Robert Speirs in Bo’ness provided that they get reassurance of information they have received.

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