Robert Wallace Covenants at Craig Minnan in 1687

Sometimes Society people appear in the record long after the events of the 1680s…

BarfillanBarfillan © william craig and licensed for reuse.

Robert Wallace, who lived at Barfillan in Houston parish, Renfrewshire, is such a case.

Map of Barfillan (select OS View)            Street View of Barfillan

According to the minutes of the Continuing Society people after the Revolution, Wallace may have been one of the committee which conducted the general meeting of the Continuing Society people (i.e., those who refused to accept the Revolution settlement) at Leadhills on 19 February, 1696. (Minutes of the proceedings and Conclusions of the Covenanting Societies, 5.)

Map of Leadhills  (select OS view)           Aerial View of Leadhills

He died either on, or after, 18 November, 1730, however, in the late 1680s he was one of the Society people.

According to a personal covenant of 1706, Wallace had personally covenanted with the Lord ‘at Craigminning, and once in his house’, but he had lost both texts before that date.
(A Collection of Dying Testimonies, 247.)

‘Craigminning’ in almost certainly Craig Minnan, which was where James Renwick preached in late 1687.

Map of Craigminnan (select OS view)

You can read Wallace’s personal covenants, here.

Craig Minnan lies in Muirshiel Country Park.

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  1. […] Renwick later preached at Craig Minnan on Duchal Moor in September, 1687. Among his audience was Robert Wallace from Houston parish. It is possible that Renwick’s preaching either exploited, or came about […]

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