The Covenanter’s Stone at Bothwell is Rediscovered

Covenanters Stone Bothwell 4

The Covenanter’s Stone in Bothwell parish has been rediscovered on the eve of the anniversary of the Battle of Bothwell Bridge of 1679.

For over half a century, the location of the stone has been a mystery. According to the website of the Royal Commission of Ancient and Historical Monuments, the Covenanter’s Stone was said to located somewhere close to Woodhead farm by the North Calder Water.

Curiously, when an official visited the site in 1952, it appeared that no one had heard of the stone. It had, apparently, dropped out of public knowledge and been lost to history. The stone had vanished.

Now, thanks to the outstanding historical detective work of Donald Kerr, the true location of the stone has been reestablished. A few weeks ago, I posted on the mystery of the missing stone. Donald replied that he thought that the stone was located near a different Woodhead in Bothwell parish. He was right.

Donald was able to track down the stone and, with the very kind cooperation of the owners, able to visit the site and photograph the stone.

I am grateful to Donald for sharing his pictures of the Covenanter’s Stone.

Covenanters Stone Bothwell 2

The Covenanter’s Stone lies in a private garden. I urge anyone interested in the stone to respect the privacy of the owners.

Covenanters Stone Bothwell

Congratulations to Donald Kerr for solving the mystery of the stone and making history.

Can you help make history. Can you solve the mysteries of some other missing Covenanter stones? See here.

~ by drmarkjardine on June 21, 2013.

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  2. Could you indicate the location a bit more precisely? I know the area (somewhat) but I’m still struggling to think where exactly this is.

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