The Three Deaths of David Steel in Lesmahagow: Part One, The Society People

David Steel was one of the most significant members of the Society people, but in December, 1686, his luck ran out. Remarkably, there are three different versions of his death…

Version One: The Society People.

In 1690, Alexander Shields of the Society people was the first to record Steel’s execution:

‘Liev[tenant]. Crichton, now prisoner in Edinburgh, did most barbarously after Quarters, shoot David Steel, in the parish of Lesmahego, Decem[ber]: 1686.’ (Shields, A Short Memorial, 37.)

The officer involved in Steel’s summary execution was Lieutenant John Crichton of His Majesty’s Regiment of Dragoons. Steel may have attempted to assassinate Crichton at some point in either late 1685, or 1686, and Crichton had been in pursuit of Steel for some time.

Lesmahagow Church © Pari Passu and licensed for reuse.

A gravestone to Steel was erected in Lesmahgow parish churchyard prior to the death of Queen Anne in 1714, probably by the heirs to the Society people.

the Body of DAVID STEEL Martyr
who was Murdered by Chrichton for his
Testimony to the Covenants and Work
of Reformation and because he durst
not own the Authority of the
Tyrant destroying the same. He was
shot at SKELLYHILL the 20th of Dec[embe]r
1686 in the 33d year of his age

Be thou faithful unto Death and
I will give thee a Crown of Life

David a Shepherd first and then
Advanced to the King of Men
Had of his Graces in this Quarter
This Heir, a Wand’rer now a Martyr
Who for his Constancy and Zeal
Still to the Back did prove true Steel
Who for Christ’s Royal Truth and Laws
And for the Covenanted Cause
Of SCOTLANDS famous Reformation
Declining Tyrant’s Usurpation
By Cruel Chrichton Murder’d lies
Whose Blood to Heaven for Vengeance cries.’
(Thomson, Martyr Graves, 275)

Map of Lesmahagow Church              Street View of Lesmahagow Church

A few years later, Wodrow based his account on Shields and Steel’s grave at Lesmahagow kirk:

‘In December this year [1686], David Steel in the parish of Lesmahago, was surprised in the fields by lieutenant Crichton, and after his surrender of himself on quarters, he was in a very little time most barbarously shot, and lies buried in the church-yard there.’ (Wodrow, History, IV, 357.)

Taken together, the early sources for Steel’s death suggest that he was captured and offered quarter before he was shot somewhere in Lemahagow parish on 20 December, 1686. The gravestone, alone, offers the explanation that Steel had refused to acknowledge James VII’s authority, which suggests that he may have refused the Abjuration oath.

For the second version of his death, see here.

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