Covenanter Grave Hallhill near Irongray #History #Scotland

Covenanters Grave Irongray Hallhill*

Edward Gordon and Alexander McCubine, Hallhill, Irongray parish, Kirkcudbrightshire. Died 1685.

‘Item, The said Laird of Lag having Alexander Mellubie and John Gordon Prisoners, at Miltoun of Orr, without any Assisse of Tryal, caused them to be hanged on a tree at the Kirk of Irongray, and there left them hanging.’ (A Short Memorial, 38.)

Stone erected 1702-1714. Inscription:
‘Here lyes Edward Gordon and Alexander M’Cubine Martyres hanged without law by Lagg and Captain Bruce for adhering to the word of God Christs kingly government in his hous and the Covenanted Work of Reformation against tyranny perjury and prelacy Rev xii. 12 11 Mar 3 1685.’

‘As Lagg and bloodie Bruce command
We were hung up by the hellish hand
And thus ther furous rage to stay
We died near Kirk of Iron-Gray
Here now in peace sweet rest we take
Once murder’d for religeons sake.’

Partly based on Shields. The inscription corrects McCubine’s name, adds the detail that Captain Bruce was involved in their execution and gives a date for their deaths. The present monument lies next to the original gravestone.


Grave record in Cloud of Witnesses (1st edition, 1714, 288.):
‘On the Grave-stone lying on Edward Gordon and Alexander M’cubine, execute at the Church of Irongray, at the command of the Laird of Lag and Captain Bruce.’

Map of Grave at Hallhill near Irongray


*Photograph of the original grave at Hallhill is © Copyright Bobby Guthrie and is reproduced by his very kind permission.

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