The Grave of the Wishaw Covenanter, Arthur Inglis: An Update #History #Scotland

I am very grateful to Maryellen for finding a photograph she has of where Arthur Inglis’ grave lay. Judging by the images, below, some fragments of it might remain, but you never know …

Arthur Inglis Grave Old Cambusnethan

Photograph © Copyright Maryellen McKenzie and reproduced by her very kind permission.

If you compare the two images, you can see where the grave lay. Maryellen’s photograph was taken a couple of years ago. The image of the grave below was possibly taken in the 1960s. You can work out roughly where the grave lay from its relationship to the position of the two buildings on the right.

Arthur Inglis Cambusnethan 2

Thanks to Robert French for his very kind permission to share this photograph. Also thanks to Tookie Bunten for arranging that. Do not reproduce these photographs without permission.

We know that at some point between those photographs that the memorial of 1837 was vandalised and fragments of it lay where it stood. It is possible that those fragments have been scattered. It seems less likely that the concrete slab into which the original gravestone of Inglis was set has completely disappeared, but, again, you never know.

The Graveyard lies here, if anyone is seeking out the grave.

For more on how Arthur Inglis died, see here.

For the Oak Trees where Inglis was killed, see here.

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2 Responses to “The Grave of the Wishaw Covenanter, Arthur Inglis: An Update #History #Scotland”

  1. […] For where the grave of Arthur Inglis was located, see here. For what has happened to it, see here. […]

  2. […] UPDATE: The news about the grave site is not good, as it appears almost nothing is left. […]

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