The Forfeited: Eleven Ayrshire Men Forfeited for Rebellion in June, 1683

Eleven Ayrshire heritors were forfeited for their part in the Bothwell Rising of 1679 at the circuit court held at Ayr in June, 1683. Nearly all were forfeited in absentia.



Wodrow records their forfeiture:

‘June 22d, [1683,] the following persons were indicted, as above, of being in arms with the rebels at Bothwell; Mr Matthew Campbell of Watershaugh, Robert Lockhart of Bankhead, James Brown son to James Brown portioner in Newmills, John Paterson in Dandillan, Adam Reid portioner in Mauchlin, John Wilson portioner in Lindsay hill, John Crawford of Torshaw, Andrew Brown of Duncanzeamer, Mr John Halbert, Colonel John Burns, and James Macneilly of Auchnairn. All of them were absent, but [Lockhart of] Bankhead and Andrew Brown. Witnesses are led against the absent One depones, he saw Mr Matthew Campbell in Glasgow, when the rebels were there, with his sword about him; another depones, he heard him demand corn in June, 1679, for Eaitloch’s troop, and that he saw him at Strathaven, on the Friday before the defeat, with two ministers, Mr Samuel Arnot and Mr Robert (it should probably be Hugh) Archibald. Another saw him in company with two persons, who were going that day toward Hamilton. Three witnesses depone, they saw Mr John Halbert riding with above twenty of the rebels; and one of them, that he saw him take out a roll from his pocket, and call over their names, some days before Bothwell; and three or four swear, that they saw Colonel Burns and James Macneilly riding with the rebels in several places, with walking small swords about them. I do not observe probation against the rest that amounts to any thing.

Robert Lockhart of Bankhead confesseth he was in the rebellion, begs mercy, and offers to take the test, and petitions the lords may recommend him to the king for a remission. Andrew Brown confesseth the same, and offers to renounce his heritage. The assize bring all in guilty of treason and rebellion. The lords continue pronouncing sentence against the two confessors, till the 2d of August, and commit them to [John Graham of] Claverhouse, and require him to present them that day.

They sentence the rest to be executed and demeaned as traitors when apprehended, as in common form.

August 2d, the lords, considering the verdict of the assize on Robert Lockhart of Bankhead, and Andrew Brown, at Ayr circuit, June 22d, sentence them to be beheaded at the cross of Edinburgh, August 9, but I suppose remissions were got down before that time.’ (Wodrow, History, III, 490.)

1. Colonel John Burns
From an unidentified location in Ayrshire. possibly in Carrick. He was killed in the rout after the Battle of Borhwell Bridge on 22 June, 1679.

2. James Brown, son of James Brown, portioner in Newmilns, Loudoun parish.

Map of Newmilns

3. Robert Lockhart of Bankhead, Loudoun parish.

Map of Bankhead              Aerial View of Bankhead

4. Mr Matthew Campbell of Waterhaughs, Galston parish.

Map of Waterhaughs               Aerial View of Waterhaughs


Daldilling © Bob Forrest and licensed for reuse.

5. John Paterson in Daldilling, Sorn parish.

Map of Daldilling                  Street View of Daldilling

6. John Wilson, younger, portioner of Lindsayshill, Sorn parish.

Lindsayshill has vanished, but lay north-east of Meikle Heateth and south-east of Bogend in Sorn parish. The outline of it can still be seen on the aerial view.

Map of Lindsayshill                     Aerial View of Lindsayshill

7. Adam Reid, portioner in Mauchline, Mauchline parish.

Map of Mauchline


Tarshaw © wfmillar and licensed for reuse.

8. John Crawford of Tarshaw, Tarbolton parish.

Map of Tarshaw                  Street View of Tarshaw



9. Andrew Brown of Duncanziemere, Auchinleck parish.
Today, a large open cast mine lies near Duncanziemere.

Map of Duncanziemere                  Aerial View of Duncanziemere


Auchincross © Gordon Brown and licensed for reuse.

10. Mr John Halbert, Cumnock parish.
Robert Guthrie identifies Halbert as a minister at North Berwick and kinsman of George Halbert in Auchincross, New Cumnock parish.

Map of Auchincross                Aerial View of Auchincross

Street View of Auchincross

11. James MacNeilly of Auchairne, Ballantrae parish, Carrick.

Map of Auchairne        Aerial View of Auchairne

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