Letter of James Renwick to Robert Hamilton in Leeuwarden, 29 March 1684. #History #Scotland

Nine days after the thirteenth convention at Panbreck, James Renwick wrote to Robert Hamilton in Leeuwarden.

Renwick notes that George Hill, the president of the convention, had given Robert Hamilton a ‘brief touch of things’. He thought to write about Thomas Linning, who was due to train for the ministry at Groningen, but that Hill has ‘spoken my mind’. That seems to hint that Renwick was unsure about Linning’s ordination.

However, Hamilton ‘should take pains with J. F. [John Flint] to wear out that bad impression which James Russel hath given him of us. O deal tenderly with him, for he is but young, yet I hope of zealous intentions. Be concerned of him in that strange place, for he is a child of many prayers. His relations bear a strong affection to the cause, and all who own the same; and your name is very savoury unto them. It is weighty to me, that James Russel hath insinuated himself so much upon him; for being sent abroad was, in some measure, upon expectation that he and I should be together.’ (Houston, Letters, 152-3.)

Flint would join with Russell and later preach to the Russellites, a breakaway faction of the United Societies.

He warns Hamilton that they have enemies on many hands and ‘that man James Russel hath been a costly James Russel to the poor church of Scotland’ (Houston, Letters, 153.)

‘P.S. My love and service to your dear sister [Jean Hamilton] and that banished family which is much upon my heart. Your desire ananet Mr [William] Brackell shall be obeyed.’ (Carslaw, Letters, 87.)

This letter is also printed as Letter Number XXIX in Carslaw, Life and Letters, p85-7.

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