A Letter from James Renwick in #Edinburgh to Robert Hamilton in Leeuwarden, 26 September 1683 #History #Scotland

James Renwick details his arrival in Scotland to Robert Hamilton after his ordination in Groningen.

He sees the Lord’s hand in every step since he left Hamilton on 25/26 June, 1683. He was kept some days at ‘the Texel’ prior to his departure.

He went across the North Sea but storms forced his small boat to the coast of France before they got to the English coast at Rye Harbour, which is about 7 miles east of Hastings. There they went ashore where they were noticed but not challenged and went back to their boat for safety. After some days, the King’s waiters came to the boat and they were questioned. The skipper became suspicious of them but Monday brought a fair wind that brought them to Dublin. From Dublin a pass was required to leave. The Lord gave a wonderful occasion for George Hill to leave Dublin, but they ship’s captain would not take Renwick.

George Hill attended the tenth convention held on Wednesday 1 August 1683 at Cairntable. He must have brought intelligence of Renwick’s ordination to the ministry and that he was in Dublin.

Some in Dublin entreated him to stay. A minister called Jack was stirred up to speak to him. Disputes followed.
Renwick reached Scotland by the Lord’s providence and was cast on a hillside some few miles below Greenock. /Gourock.

Coming through the countryside, Renwick held two field meetings and notes Alexander Gordon of Earlstoun’s great trials after his capture in the Rye House Plot and return to Scotland.

As for Robert Lawson, he has cast off his former doings to the hardening of backsliders and the grieving of the godly.

He tells Hamilton that Edward Aitkin has escaped and intends to come to you and follow his books:

“but his carriage in the public matters hath been very hurtful to the cause, and in private very unchristian, opening mouths to reproach and blaspheme; therefore I hope you will not move on it, without the General Meetings (i.e., the eleventh convention’s) advice.

Renwick also expected that Thomas Linning will be sent to Hamilton in Groningen, as he has been very satisfying, refreshing and encouraging to Renwick since he arrived home.

He also mentions the execution of John Wilson and Mrs Binning’s admiratiion of him.

Printed as Letter Number XXIV in Carslaw, Life and Letters, 67-71.

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  1. Many thanks for this – as always, an interesting read. I was only thinking a few days ago that it was a while since I last read a “Book of Martyrs” post.

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