Covenanter Grave Cathcart #History #Glasgow #Scotland

Covenanters Grave Cathcart Bobby Guthrie

Thomas Cook, Robert Thom and John Urie, Cathcart parish, Renfrewshire. Died 1685.

Shields in 1690:
‘Major Balfour, together with Captain Maitland and their Party, Apprehended at their Work, Robert Tam, John Urie, and Tho: Cook, and instantly shot them, at Pomadee, near Glasgow, May, 1685.’ (A Short Memorial, 37.)

Stone erected 1702-1714. Inscription:
‘This is the stone tomb of Robert Thom Thomas Cook and John Urie martyrs for ouning the Covenanted Uork of Reformation, the 11th of May 1685.

‘The bloody murderers of these men
Were Magor Balfour and Captain Metland
And uith them others uere not free
Caused them to search in Polmadie.
As soon as they had them out found
They murthered them uith shots of guns
Scarce time did they to them allou
Befor ther maker ther knees to bow
Many like in this land have been
Whos blood for VVingance cryes to heavn
This cruell wickednesse you see
Was done in lon of Polmadie,
This may a standing witness be
Tuixt Prisbytrie and Prelacie.’

Based on Shields, but adds details about a search of Polmadie and that they were summarily executed in the Loan of Polmadie.

Cathcart Covenanters Grave Bobby Guthrie

Grave record in Cloud of Witnesses (1st edition, 1714, 286.):
‘On the Grave-stone at Cathcart lying on the Bodies of Robert Tam, Thomas Cook and John Urie, who were shot at Polmadie, May 8. 1685.’

Map of Grave at Cathcart old churchyard


Street View towards grave

Photograph of the Covenanters’ gravestone at Cathcart are © Copyright Bobby Guthrie @AftonKillie and are reproduced by his very kind permission.

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