Covenanter Grave Strathaven #History #Scotland

Covenanters Grave Strathaven Bobby Guthrie

John Barrie and William Paterson, Strathaven, Evandale parish, Lanarkshire. Died 1685.

Shields in 1690:
‘Item. The said Peter Inglis shot John Barrie, with his Pass in his hand, in Evandale, April, 1685.’ (A Short Memorial, 37.)

‘Likewise, William Paterson was shot at Strevin, uncertain by whom, 1685.’ (A Short Memorial, 38.)

Stone erected 1702-1714. Inscription:
‘He lyes the corpses of William Paterson and John Barrie vho vas shot to death for ther adhering to the word of God and our Covenants – Anno1685.

Here lys tuo martyrs seuerally who fell
By Captain Ingles and by bloody Bell
Posterity shall knou theyre shot to death
As sacrifices – to popish wrath’

Partly based on Shields, but contains new information that Bell killed Paterson.

Covenanters Grave Strathaven Bobby Guthrie2

Grave record in Cloud of Witnesses (1st edition, 1714, 287.):
‘On a Grave-stone in the Church Yard of Streven on the Corps of William Paterson, who lived in the Parish of Cambusnethan, and John Barrie in Evendale, Anno1685.’

The gravestone is similar in form to that at Craighaugh, near Eskdalemuir, which is dated 1702.

Map of Gravestone at Strathaven (Approx)

What3Words (Approx)

Nearby the grave of Barrie and Paterson is that of William Dingwall, one of the assassins of Archbishop Sharp in 1679.

William Dingwall Covenanter Grave Strathaven3

William Dingwall Covenanter Grave Strathaven

William Dingwall Covenanter Grave Strathaven2

Photographs of the Covenanters’ gravestones at Strathaven are © Copyright Bobby Guthrie @AftonKillie and are reproduced by his very kind permission.

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