Covenanter Grave Balmaghie (Halliday & Halliday) #History #Scotland

Covenanter Halliday Balmaghie

David Halliday, portioner of Mayfield and David Halliday in Glengap, Balmaghie parish, Kirkcudbrightshire. Died 1685.

‘Item the said Laird of Lagg, with the Earle of Anandale, having Command of some Troups of Heretors, pursued another David Halyday and George Short, and apprehended and sht them, under the cloud of Night, in the Paroch of Wynhame in Galloway, Anno, 1685.’ (Shields, A Short Memorial, 38.)

Stone erected 1702-1714. Inscription:

‘Here lyes David Halliday, portioner of Meifield who was shot upon the 21 of Febr 1685, and of David Halliday once in Glenape who was likewise shot upon ye 11 of July 1685 for their adherence to the principles of Scotlands Covenanted Reformatione.’

‘Beneath this stone two Davids Hallidays
Doe ly, whose souls now sing their Masters praise
To knou if curious passengers desyre
For what, by whome, and hou they did expyre
They did oppose this nations perjurey,
Nor could they joyn with lordly Prelacy.
Indulging favours from Christs enemies,
Quench’d not their zeal: This monument then cryes
These were the causes not to be forgot,
Why they by Lag so wickedly were shot.
One name, one cause, one grave, one haven do ty
Their souls to that one God eternally.’

Perhaps partly based on Shields, but contains new information about the precise date of the shooting and a variation on the placename of Mayfield.

Grave record in Cloud of Witnesses (1st edition, 1714, 288.):
‘Upon the Grave Stone in the Church-yard of Balmaghie, upon the corps of David Halliday Portioner of Mayfield, shot by the Laird of Lagg, Feb. 1685. and of David Halliday in Glengap, shot by the same Laird of Lagg and the Earl of Anandale in the same Year 1685. is this EPITAPH.’

The grave of George Short lies in the south-west part of the same churchyard.

Map of Graves at Balmaghie Churchyard (Approx)

What3Words (Approx)


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