Covenanter Grave Dumfries #History #Scotland

Kirko Gravestone Dumfries

James Kirko, Dumfries, Dumfries parish, Dumfriesshire. Died 1685.

Shields in 1690:
‘Captain Bruce, Capt: of Dragoons apprehended James Kirko, at the intelligence of one James Wright, carried him to Dumfreis, detained him prisoner one night, next day brought him forth to the watersands, and without any process, shot him dead. The dying Man desired a little time to make his peace with GOD: The Captain answered, oftner than once or twice, Devil a peace ye get more made up. Some Gentlewomen coming to beg his Life, were hindred by one John Craik of Stewartoun; the foresaid Dalzells 2d. son was one of them that shot him, without command, Iune 1685.’ (A Short Memorial, 36.)

Stone erected 1702-1714. Inscription:
‘Here lyes James Kirka martyr shot dead upon the sands of Drumfreis. For his adhering to the word of God Christs kingly goverment in his house and the Covenanted work of Reformation against tirranie, perjurie, and prelacie, 1685. Rev 12 Mar’

‘By bloody Bruce and wretched Wright
I lost my life in great despight
Shot dead, without due time to try
And fit me for eternity
A witness of prelatick rage
As ever was in anie age.’

Based on Shields.

Grave record in Cloud of Witnesses (1st edition, 1714, 288.):
‘In the same Church-Yard, on the Grave-stone of James Kirko, who lived in the Parish of Kier, and was shot dead on the sands of Dumfreis by Captain Bruce, June 1685, is this Motto.’


The gravestone (and that of two other Covenanters and Kirko’s original) lie by the later Martyrs’ Monument.

Kirko later gravestone Dumfries

Map of Grave at Dumfries (Aprroximate)

What3 Words (Approximate)

Photograph of Kirko’s original and later gravestones are © Copyright Bobby Guthrie @AftonKillie and are reproduced by his very kind permission.

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