Covenanter Grave Tynron #History #Scotland


William Smith, Tynron parish, Dumfriesshire. Died 1685.

‘The Laird of Stenhouse, Sir Robert Laurie of Maxueltoun and John Craik of Stewartoun, did instigate and urge Coronet Baillie his party of Dragoons to shot William Smith in Hill, after he had been prisoner one night (it was the day of Maxueltouns daughters Marriage,) who also refused to let him be buried in the Church-yeard.’ (A Short Memorial, 37.)

Covenanter Grave Tynron Bobby Guthrie 3

Stone erected 1702-1714. Inscription:
‘Here lyeth William Smith son to William Smith in Hill who for his adhering to the Covenanted work of Reformation was shot at Minnyhive Moss the 29 Day of March 1685 His age 19 years. This deed was not done by a council of war but by countrymen without syse.

‘I William Smith now here do ly
Once martyr’d for christs verity
Douglas of Stenhouse Lawrie of Maxweltoun
Caused Coronet Bailie give me martyrdom
What cruelty they to my corpse then us’d
Living may judge: Me burial they refused.’

Covenanter Grave Tynron Bobby Guthrie

Possibly based on Shields. The inscription adds new information about Smith and where and when he was shot.

Grave record in Cloud of Witnesses (1st edition, 1714, 288.):
‘Upon a stone in Tynron church-Yard, lying on William Smith, who being a Youth of 18 Years of Age, was shot at the Bridge-end of Minni-Ive by the command of Sir Robert Laurie Laird of Maxweltoun, and John Douglas Laird of Stenhouse, May 1685.’

Covenanter Grave Tynron Bobby Guthrie 2

The grave lies roughly here.

Map of Grave at Tynron

What Three Words

The unlabelled photographs of the Covenanter gravestone at Tynron are © Copyright Bobby Guthrie @AftonKillie and are reproduced by his very kind permission.

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