Covenanter Grave Lochenkit #History #Scotland


John Gordon, William Heron, William Stewart and John Wallace, Lochenkit. Kirkpatrick-Durham parish, Kirkcudbrightshire. Died 1685.

Shields made errors in this entry and did not correct them in his errata.
‘Item, The said Captain Bruce surprised in the Fields, and instantly shot three Men in the parish of Kirk-patrick in Galloway, viz. John Wallace, —– Edgar, and another, Feb. 1685. (A Short Memorial, 36.)

In fact four men were killed and not one of them was surnamed Edgar. The inscription radically departed from the information in Shields.

‘Here lyes four martyrs, John Wallace, William Heron, John Gordon and William Stewart, found out and shot dead upon this place by Captain Bruce and Captain Lag for their adhearing to Word of God Christs kingly government in his house and the covenanted work of Reformation against tyranny perjury and prelacy 2 March MDCLXXXV Rev. Chap XII. Ver 11.’

‘Behold here in this wilderness we ly
Four witnesses of hellish cruelty
Our lives and blood could not their ire assuage
But when we’re dead, they did against us rage,
That match the like, we think, we scarcely can,
Except the Turks, or Duke de Alva’s men.’

This stone clearly has new information and is the first source to accurately name the four men killed.

Grave record in Cloud of Witnesses (1st edition, 1714, 288.):
‘Upon a Stone lying in a Moor near Lochenkit-hil, on the Grave of John Gordon, William Stuart, William Herron and John Wallace shot by Captain Bruce.’

Map of Grave at Lochenkit/Bads Knowe

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