Covenanter Grave Auchencloy #History #Scotland


Robert Ferguson, Auchencloy, Girthon parish, Kirkcudbrightshire. Died 1684

‘The said Claverhouse coming to Galloway, in answer to the Viscount of Kenmures Letter, with a small party surprised Robert Stuart, John Grier, Robert Ferguson, and another, and instantly shot them dead, at the water of Dee, in Gallaway, December 1684. Their Corps being buried, were at his command raised again.’ (Shields, A Short Memorial, 34-5.)

Auchencloy Covenanter Grave

Stone erected 1702-1714. Inscription:
‘Here lyes Robert Ferguson who was surprized and instantly shot to death on this place by Graham of Claverhouse for adherence to Scotlands Reformatione Covenants Nationall and Solemn League 1684.’

Auchencloy Covenanter Grave Ferguson

No poem.

Based on Shields.

The grave was recorded the first edition of Cloud of Witnesses (1714), but those pages are missing in the copy held by the National Library of Scotland.The following lines come from the second edition of 1720, which copied the first edition::
‘In the same parish [of Girthon], in the muir of Auchencloy, upon the body of Robert Ferguson, shot by Graham of Claverhouse in that place, Anno 1684.’

Map of Grave at Auchencloy

Grave photographs © Copyright Spoons

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