Sweet Singers Liberated from Edinburgh Tolbooth in 1681 #History #Scotland

Edinburgh Tolbooth Street View

On the same day that they were warded into Edinburgh Tolbooth for trial, two former Sweet Singers were liberated. They were presumably captured at Wolf Hole Craigs in mid May, 1681, and held in Edinburgh’s Correction House with the other Sweet Singer women.

Every fragment we find on the Sweet Singers advances our knowledge of that radical sect.

Under 23 June, 1681:

‘The Lords of his Maties privie Counsell doe heirby give order and warrand to the Magistrats of Edr and keiper off ye Tolbooth therof to set at libertie Cristian Cunynghame & Elspeth Lockhart prisoners in ye saide Tolbooth for adhering to thes called ye Sueit Singers in regaird they have renunced and abjured ther principalis’ (Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, VIII, 109.)


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One Response to “Sweet Singers Liberated from Edinburgh Tolbooth in 1681 #History #Scotland”

  1. I wanted to follow up with you and thank you for assistance with your list of the Covenanter Index.

    I have found ancestor connection with Rev. Alexander Peden.

    In researching a ‘Blair’ line, I noticed an ancestor by the name of Daniel Peden Blair.

    His father was Bryce Blair who married Esther Peden (she is my 10th great grandmother). Her brother was Andrew Hugh Peden the father of Rev. Alexander Peden. My relationships is ‘first cousin 1X removed. It is amazing how the Covenanter connections come in from multiple ancestor angles. This is the most direct and closest so far.

    I appreciate your connecting with me.


    Lois Anne Lorimer Brewer

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