Suspected Traitor Robert Hamilton in Broxburn is Liberated in 1681 #History #Scotland

Edinburgh Tolbooth 2

Robert Hamilton in Broxburn was tortured in the boots as one of those suspected of involvement in a gunpowder plot in late 1680.

Under 28 April, 1681:

‘Att Edr the 8 day of Apryll 1681 Annent a petition presented be Robert Hamiltone prisouner in the Tolbooth of Edr Shewing that wher the petitiouner hath bein a long tyme imprisoned And as he conceaves vpon the suspicion of bad and disloyall principalis Wheras he declaires that he disounes the excommunication vssed be Mr Donald Cargile agt his Matie and Counsellers And the peapers found on Henry Hall called the new covenant the declaration at Sanquhare and the band of combination As being agt & distinctive to religion and goverment And he detests the doctrine principalis & practices of murder And ounes his Matie as Supream Magistrat in all things civell And therfor humblie suplicating the Counsell wold tack to consideration the premisses And grant order to set ye petitoiuner at libertie.

The Lords of his Maties privie Counsell have[ing] heard and considered the fors[ai]d petion And haveing called the petitiouner to the barr and he haveing ouned the s[ai]d petition Doe ordean the Magistrats of Edr to set the s[ai]d Robert Hamiltoune petitiouner at liberty in regaird he hath found suficient caution acted in ye books of privie Counsell to apear when called for under the penalty of Ane thousand merks Scots (Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, VIII, 107.)

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  1. I knew you had been in jail

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