The Pentland Rising of 1666: Executed in Glasgow on 19 December #History #Scotland

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Five days of four were executed in Edinburgh for their roll in the Pentland Rising of 1666, four were executed in Glasgow.

Four were executed at Glasgow on 19 December, 1666.
All four had a gravestone erected to them in the churchyard of Glasgow Cathedral between 1702 and 1714, which was recorded in the first edition of Cloud of Witnesses in 1714. Today, the repaired monument marks their deaths on the way to the crypt of Glasgow Cathedral where Donald Cargill used to preach. Like nearly all those executed outside of Edinburgh, they did not leave behind a martyrs’ testimony.

15. Robert Bunten in Fenwick parish, Ayrshire.
It is not known where Buntin/Buntine was from in Fenwick parish. However the parish register recorded that a ‘William Buntin in midell rotens was buried’ at Fenwick church in 1663 and that on about 26 March, 1674, ‘ane chyld of (Ro[ber]t?) Buntine in haghous’ was buried.

Map of former site of Haghouse

16. Matthew Paton, shoemaker in Newmilns, Loudoun parish, Ayrshire.

Map of Newmilns

17. John Hart, in Westquarter of Glassford parish, Lanarkshire.
Westquarter is old name for the modern village of Glassford.

Map of Westquarter/Glassford

18. Robert Scott in ‘Shavock’, Dalserf parish, Lanarkshire.
‘Shavock’ does not appear on historical maps of Dalserf parish, but it may be an error for Laverock, i.e. Laverock Hall, now Larkhall.

Map of Larkhall

Three days after the Glasgow executions, six more Covenanters were hanged in Edinburgh…


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