Wodrow’s Mysterious World: News of Dighton Rock Reaches Scotland in 1702 #History

Dighton Rock Art

In 1702, the Reverend Robert Wodrow who lived near Glasgow recorded the discovery of a mysterious carved rock among the Indians of New England:

‘Mr James Broun told my brother, that Cotton Mather, in New England, told him, that hearing of some letters [cut] on a rock among the Indians, he rode forty miles to see them; and on a large navigable river that run into the sea, on a rock, he sau tuo lines of letters, which he copied off as near as could be, and caused cut them, and print them, and dispersed them, but could never learn any thing about them.’ (Wodrow, Analecta, I, 37.)

What Wodrow reported was Dighton Rock, an outstanding example of Indian Rock Art which has attracted many wild theories about its origins.

For more wonders, mainly in Scotland, see here.

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