The Witches of Balmaclellan in Galloway #History #Scotland

Hare 17th Century Witch

The field preacher and minister Thomas Warner gave Wodrow an account of his discovery of witches in his parish in Galloway in c.1690. At least one of them was executed:

‘He gave me a long accompt of Witches, in his parish of Balmaclellan. A litle after the Revolution, one of them, Elspay …. he gote discovered, and very clear probation of persons that sau her in the shape of a hare ; and when taken, she started up in her own shape of malum minatum and damnum secutum. That she was tryed at Kircudbright, and found guilty. That when before the Judge, he observed her inclinable to confesse, when of a suddain her eyes being fixed upon a particular part of the room, she sank doun in the place. He lift her up, and challanged her, whither her master had not appeared in that place, and terrifyed her, when inclining to be ingenouse? She ouned it was soe, and confessed all, and was execute.

She and the rest [of the witches] got po[w]ur over a mare of his; and she, though formerly peacable, yet would never lett any off her without the hazard of their life ; that still for a while he road on her, but had great difficulty to gett off without being brained. All this process is in the Records of the Presbytery, of which I am promised ane abstract.’ (Wodrow, Analecta, II, 86-7.)


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