The Covenanter Killed at Lagdow Cairn #History #Scotland

Lagdow Cairn Dalveen

According to later tradition, a Covenanter named Dow was killed by the notorious Grierson of Lag at Lagdow Cairn, which is located in the hills to the west of Dalveen in Nithsdale.

The cairn was first recorded in the OS name book for Durisdeer parish in the 1850s:
‘A Small pile of Stones Said to Commemorate the spot where a person named Dow was shot by the Laird of Lag. the name of the Cairn being made up out of the two names Lag & Dow.’

Map of Lagdow Cairn       On an older Map

Approximate location on Google Maps

In 1876, Crauford Tait Ramage described the story associated with the Lagdow Cairn in Drumlanrig Castle and The Douglases with the early and ancient remains of Durisdeer, Closeburn and Morton:

‘Another of these worthies was called Dow, and on the banks of the Enterkine, west of Nether Dalveen farmsteading, there is a cairn called Lag-dow, where he had been caught by Grierson of Lag and shot. A few rude stones were placed there to commemorate the spot, which is called Lag-dow. I give this tradition, but I am afraid that it must, like many others of the same kind, be set down as one of the myths, which are often found to have originated in a way for which it is difficult to account.

The hill in the neighbourhood has been called from time immemorial Upper and Nether Lagnee. Lag, or Lug, is a Celtic word, found in the Scoto-Irish language, signifying a hollow, which describes with great precision the Castle of Lag, the residence of the Griersons.

While the word was applied to a hollow in a mountain, it occasionally happened that the name of the hollow was extended to the mountain itself, and in this case of Lagnee it seems to have been so. Lag-dow cairn would thus mean the cairn of the black hollow.’ (Ramage, Drumlanrig Castle and The Douglases, 136.)

Robert Grierson of Lag is a stalwart of unreliable traditional stories of the persecution of the Covenanters.

There is absolutely no historical evidence that Dow was killed by Lag at Lagdow. The later traditional story of Dow joins the list of over twenty-five deaths in the Killing Times for which there is no historical evidence.

If you can find and photograph the Lagdow Cairn, please let me know.

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