Covenanter Prisoners Reject Unlawful Rule of William of Orange in 1693 #History #Scotland

William of Orange

The Revolution had put William of Orange and Queen Mary in power in 1689. However, some Covenanters who had proclaimed the Tinwald Paper in 1692 rejected their authority. They were imprisoned in Edinburgh’s Canongate Tolbooth:

‘This is a just dowble of the paper which we delivered to goodman of the Tollboth of Cannongate, and one of the bayllifes there, with our hand at our outcoming [in 1693]:

Wee, John Clark, Herbert Wells, John Bell, Thomas Mc’Millan, being unjustlie apprehended and for a long tyme detained by the present pretended powers, whom, upon the account of their unlawfull constitution, and unlawfull acts flowing there from, endeavouring the buriall of our broken down covenanted work of reformation, and their asociation and confederacie with the enemies of Christ, his covenanted interests and people, &c., we could neither own nor supplicat as our lawfull rullers [William of Orange etc.].

And now hearing of our designed liberation, fearing there may be a snare in it, as procured by some petitioning in our names to the prejudice of the testimonie we own; we declare our ignorance off or accession to anie such petitions, or anie accession directlie or indirectlie to anie owning of the forsaid powers, and desires that this may both be presented to the pretended counsell and registrat amongst their acts; as alsoe registrat in the (soe called) clarks books of the Tollbooth of Cannongate: as wittnes our hands, March 25, 1693, Cannongate Tollbooth,

Jo[hn]: Bell Jo[hn]: Clark
Tho[mas] M’Millan Ha: Wells’

(EUL, Laing MSS. vol. 344, No. 300, published in Hay Fleming (ed.), Six Saints, II, 233.)

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