A Petition About the Capture of James Renwick in 1688 #History #Scotland

After the Revolution, the capture of James Renwick on 1 February, 1688, was still a live issue. Some key Society people sought to get financial revenge on John Justice, the man who had led to Renwick’s capture when he had searched a house in Castlehill in Edinburgh. Renwick had fought his way out of the house, but was taken running through streets at the Cowgate. The petition reveals that several key Society people were connected with the house. It does not mention that Renwick was captured in the incident back in 1688, probably because everyone knew that.

Indorsed: — ‘Petition for Mr. Alex Scheill and others, 1689’

‘To the Right Honourabell the Lords of his Majesties Privie Councell, The Petition of Mr. Alexander Scheills, preacher of the Gospell, Samuell Hall, sone to the deceast Henry Hall of Haughhead [(d.1680) also father of Benjamin Hall], and John Luckup, merchant in Edinburgh, Humbly sheweth : —

That, in February 1688, [on the day that James Renwick was captured, that] John Justice, merchant, accompanied with severall of his associats, came to the house of the said John Luckup petitioner [where Renwick had been hiding], and (pretending he had a warrand to search for prohibit goods) he most unwarrantably and contrar to all law, at his own hand, entered the house of the said John Luckup, in the Castlehill, and after the breaking up of some doores, chists, and presses; in a most rude and ryotous maner, he carried away not only the wholl goods and household plenishing of the said John Luckupe, to the value of 300 merks or therby, but also the books and papers of the said Mr. Alexander Scheill, lyeing in a great chist and coffer, of a considerable value, as lykewayes the goods and cloaths of the said Samuell Hall, lyeing in the said house, to the value of ten lib. sterling or therby; and sieing this was ane act of very great rudenes and cruelty, and to the reproach of every weill governed nation.

May it please your Lordships to consider the petitioners case, and to ordaine restitution to be made to them of their goods and books, &c., or value therof; and your Lordships ansuer.’
(EUL, Laing MSS. vol. 350, No. 250, published in Hay Fleming (ed.), Six Saints, II, 232-3.)

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