The Notorious Traitor Gordon of Kinsture is Captured (Briefly) in 1684 #History #Scotland


Alexander Gordon of Kinsture/Kilsture was one of the men behind the notorious Sanquhar Declaration of 1680. He also subscribed the bond taken before the declaration and a reward of 1,000 merks was issued for his capture, dead or alive.

Kilsture was captured a short time prior to 9 June, 1684, and held at Dumfries by Captain-lieutenant Andrew Bruce of Earlshall, who commanded Claverhouse’s troop of horse. Three days later, the privy council wrote to Earlshall.

Extract from a letter from the Committee of the Privy Council in Edinburgh to the Laird of Earlshall in Dumfries of 12 June, 1684:

‘Sir, The Lords of the Comittie haveing considered your letter direct to my Lord Advocat from Dumfreis of the nynth instant, it is ther pleasure that yow examine [Alexander] Gordon of Kinsture was suspected to have been in the late rebellione and at the late treasonable declarations at Sanquhar [in 1680], and other persones who can give informatione against him thereanent, and, eftir yow have done so, yow are ordered to send in the said Gordon of Kinsture to the tolbuith of Edinburgh and the examination to the Clerks of Councill’ (RPCS, IX, 5.)

Earlshall never got his prisoner to Edinburgh, as Gordon was rescued at the Enterkin Pass.

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