John Dick Taken in Potterrow and Hanged in Edinburgh in 1684 #History #Scotland

The minister John Dick had been on the run since he had escaped from Edinburgh Tolbooth with up to twenty-four others on 16 September, 1683. However, in March, 1684, he was captured in a house in Edinburgh’s Potterrow with another minister, John Rae.

Under 4 March, 1684, seven prisoners including two ministers were warded into Edinburgh Tolbooth:

‘Mr John Dick Mr John Rae John Mirrie Robert Melvin & W[illia]m Lambe with tuo woman [one called Mary Normand] wairdit by order of the Lords of Council’ (Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, IX, 128.)

As Dick had already been sentenced to death before his escape, he was executed in the Grassmarket on the following day, i.e., 5 March, 1684:
‘Mr John Dick execut at the Grassmket for treasone’ (Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, IX, 129.)

Dick left a very long martyrs’ testimony behind, which was unusual in testifying in favour of the Hamilton Declaration of 1679.

Mary Normand was one of the women who had sheltered Dick in the Potterrow:

On 13 March, 1684, her petition was considered:

Lords of his Maties privie Councill having considered a petition presented by Mary Normand spouse to John Melvill Tayleor freeman in the potteraw prisoner in the Tolbuith of Edr for having Mr John Dick resett in her house supplicating that in regaird she has a sucking chyld on her breast near to death and that her continuing longer in prison will certainly occasion both ther deaths & that her said husband continues still prisoner order might be granted for her libertie The s[ai]ds Lordes doe hereby give order & warrand to the Magrats of Edr to sett the s[ai]d Mary Normand petitioner at libertie…’ (Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, IX, 129.)

William Lambie was also liberated:

22 April, 1684:
‘The Lords of his Maties privie Counsell haveing considered a petition presented by William Lambe jurnieman tailzier in Edr in whois hous John Dick rebell wes aprehendit with a report of a Comittie annent his caice Doe ordean the Magistrats of Edr to set him at libertie’. (Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, IX, 134.)

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