After the Battle of Drumclog: Claverhouse’s Retreat to Glasgow, 1 June 1679 #History #Scotland

Claverhouse and his dragoons

On the afternoon of 1 June, 1679, Lord Ross encountered John Graham of Claverhouse and his men in flight from their defeat at the Battle of Drumclog. Three days earlier, it had been Claverhouse’s intention to conduct a joint attack on the Covenanters with Lord Ross. However, at Drumclog, Claverhouse had attacked on his own.

‘For the Earle of Linlithgow.
Major-Generall to His Majesties Forces.

Glasgow, Sunday [1 June, 1679], 9 o’clock at night.

My Lord,

After Ensing Achmouty wes dispatched [to his Lordship], I descovred a party marching to Glasgow, whom we made up to, but found it to be [Graham of] Claverus and Captain [John] Ingills, with the broken troops. Claverus in formed me how it went, and, therafter, we resolved to returne to this place [i.e., to Glasgow], in reguard they found that the cuntrey wes gathering evry wher to these rogues, and soe concluded that it wes fit to acquaint yo[u]r . Lo[rdship]: with it, that acordingly ye might order what we shall doe, for, be asured, if they wer ten to one, if ye comand it, we shall be throughe them if we can; soe I expect yo[u]r. Lo[rdship’s]: comands.

I know Claverus will give a full acompt of the engadgement, and, therfor, I shall forbear that. My Lord, if this be not a rebelione, I know not what is rebelione. In the meantym, I shall secure, as well as I can, this place. I have ordered the halfe of our party to mount guard this night, foot, horss, and dragouns, and have posted them as well as may, and baricaded all the streits about the Marcat place [in heart of Glasgow].

This is all can be done by Yo[u]r . Lo[rdship’s]: most fathfull and humble servant,

Rosse.’ (Letters of Viscount Dundee, 31.)

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