Top Ten “Killers” of the Killing Times of 1685 #History #Scotland

Which Scottish Army officers or individuals were implicated in the historical sources with the most deaths in the Killing Times of late 1684 to mid 1685?


The result may be surprising to some, as this is not how history is “supposed” to be. “Bluidy” Claverhouse, aka. Bonnie Dundee, was not the officer said to have been involved in the most deaths. The officer who was said to be involved in the most deaths was one Colonel James Douglas, the brother of the Duke of Queensberry, who, only a few years later, was a Lieutenant-General for William of Orange at the Battle of the Boyne.

In one of the ironies of history, here is Douglas, on the right, as a hero of the Glorious Revolution.

Colonel James Douglas William of Orange

~ by drmarkjardine on January 29, 2017.

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