Illicit Field Preaching in Galloway: Holy Croft, Holy Linn and Mulloch Hill #History #Scotland

Three sites where illicit Presbyterian field preaching is said to have taken place in the 1670s and 1680s.

holy-croftHoly Croft

According to the OS Name Book:

‘A Small tract of land on the farm of Bogue, and Situate on the Western Bank of Garpel Burn near to Holy Linn. On it the ousted Minister of Balmaclellan [Thomas Warner] & his flock had often met for Public Worship, hence the name.’

Holy Linn Garple Burn

The Holy Linn on the Garple Burn at Barscobe Wood © Duncan McNaught and licensed for reuse.

The Name Book also described the Holy Linn:

‘A Cascade of about 20 feet of a fall in Garpel Burn during the Scottish persecution, the ousted Minster of Balmaclellan had baptized Several Children of his flock here hence the name.’

Those traditions may have mistaken the minister involved. The outed minister of Balmaclellan may have preached there, but it is clear that James Renwick did preach and baptise children by the Garpel Burn in 1684.

Map of Holy Holy Linn


Mulloch Hill, the view towarda St Johns Town of Dalry © Bob Peace and licensed for reuse.

Thomas Warner, the former minister of Balmaclellan parish, is also said to have baptised at Mulloch Hill:

‘A Small hill on the farm of Mulloch, the Surface of which is rocky heathy pasture. … On this hill a Mr [Thomas[ Vernor the ejected Minister of Balmaclellan had baptized several children of his Congregation during the period of the Scotch persecution [in the Restoration].’

Map of Mulloch Hill

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