‘He Barbarously Carried Hir Head in his Wallet’: Near Dalkeith, 1686 #History #Scotland


Lord Fountainhall reports:

6 December, 1686:
‘At Criminall Court, it was reported, one had murdered a woman near Dalkeith, and cut off hir head, because meiting hir on the hy-road, shee had discovered to him hir acquaintance shee had been receiving 100 m[er]ks., and had hid it in the plats of hir head, to secure it for fear of robery; and he barbarously carried hir head in his wallet, not having tyme to take out the money; and being challenged as bloody, he called it a neat’s-liver [i.e., the liver of a cow]. Some questioned the matter of fact of this relation.’ (Lauder, Historical Notices, II, 766.)


~ by drmarkjardine on November 19, 2016.

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