The Forfeited: Thomas Kennedy of Grange in 1685 #History #Ayrshire #Scotland

One Carrick laird, Thomas Kennedy of Grange, was forfeited in absentia at the end of March/1 April, 1685.


Grange, aka Laigh Grange

‘Upon the 30th of March [1685], the lords have before them a process of treason against Thomas Kennedy of Grange, John Kennedy of Glenure [i.e., Glenour, Ballantrae parish], and Gilbert M’Michan of Kilsaint-ninians; all the three are indicted of marching with Mr John Welsh, Mr John Black, and some hundreds of rebels to Ayr, and from thence to Bothwell-bridge. The advocate insists only at this time against Grange, who is absent.’


Towards Laigh Grange © Mary and Angus Hogg and licensed for reuse.

Grange, later Laigh Grange, lies in Maybole parish in Carrick, Ayrshire.

Map of Laigh Grange

John Welsh had led a body of Carrick men to join the rebels at Bothwell. The trial of Grange in absentia provides some details about what the Bothwell rebels did in Ayrshire:

‘One witness depones, he saw him with the rebels when the heads [of the executed Pentland rebels of 1666] were taken down at Ayr [in June, 1679]. Other three swear, that they knew not Grange, but they saw one whom others called so, at Irvine, when Mr John Black proclaimed the traitorous proclamation drawn at Hamilton [on 15 June, 1679]. The assize bring him in guilty. April 1st, the lords sentence Kennedy of Grange to be executed to death, and demeaned, &c. when apprehended, and forfeit him;

and that same day Glenure is pursued likewise, for his accession to Bothwell. In his defence he propounds, that he was before the justiciary of Ayr, and assoilied by them upon his taking the test. The advocate alleges, that he was indicted there only for church irregularities, and oppones the king’s letter empowering the justices only to meddle with these. The lords assoilie the pannel as res hactenus judicata. What becomes of M’Michan I know not. (Wodrow, History, IV, 233-4.)

Gilbert MacMichan was almost certainly close kin to John MacMichan of Kilsaintninian/Killantringan in Colmonell parish, who was forfeited for his part in Bothwell. Gilbert may have been John’s father.

John Kennedy of Glenour was famously involved in a dispute with Alexander ‘Prophet’ Peden, possibly at around the time of the trial.

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