A Notorious Spreader of False News Banished to Jamaica in 1685 #History #Scotland

On 12 August, 1685, eight prisoners, including Edward Stit who was tried for the treason of spreading the false news that the Duke of Monmouth had been proclaimed king, were sent back to a ship in Leith Roads for banishment to Jamaica.

LeithSeventeenth-Century Leith

‘The Lords of his Maties privie Councill doe notwithstanding of the ordor yesterday given for bringing James Young John Craufurd Donald Mceuing Dougald Clerk Donald Walker Duncan Craufurd and Duncan ffergussone furth of the shipe in the road of Leith bounding for Jamaica and belonging to Mr Euing heirby ordor the saids seven persons to be immediatlie returned back to the said shipe in ordor to their transportatione And also ordaines Edward Stitt a notorious spreader of ffalse newes and guilty off other crymes to be put to the said shipe to the effect foirsaid Sic Sub Will Paterson

You are heirby requyred to carie back the above said prisoners to the said Jamaica shipe in the road of Leith and if they be prisoners in the tolbuith of Edr or Canongate the Magistrats and Keepers respective are heirby to delyver them to the effect foirsaid ffor which this shall be to you a sufficient warrand Sic Sub Will Paterson’ (Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, XII, 171.)

Jamaica in 1670




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