Mr Thomas Archer Executed in Edinburgh, 1685 #History #Scotland

Execution Seventeenth Century

The minister Thomas Archer had been badly wounded at the Battle of Muirdykes on 18 June, 1685. Left in a nearby herd’s house, he was captured.

By 15 August he was barely well enough to face being hanged in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket. Archer had to sit on a chair to be taken to the scaffold.

‘August 15th 1685
fforsuameikle as Mr Thomas Artcher prisoner is found guilty by ane assyze off ye crymes of Treasone and rebellion mentioned in ye verdict of assyse past agt him and is yrfor decerned and adjudged by us the Lords Justice Generall Justice Clerk and Commissioners of Justitiary to be taken to the grassmarkat of Edr vpon ffryday nixt being the fourtein day of August instant betuixt tua and four a clock in ye afternoon & yr to be hanged on a gibbett till he be dead Thes yrf or requyre & command the magistrats of Edr to see ye said sentance & doom putt to dew executione in all poynts as they will be ansyrable ffor doeing qrof thes puts shall be yr warrand Given att Edr this 12th day of August 1685 years Sic Sub Linlithgow Ja: Foulis J. Lockhart Seton’. (Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, XII, 172.)

Due to his wounds, the execution was delayed, either to the 15, or 21 August, but it did take place.



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