Three Days on the Road with John MacMillan: Lesmahagow and Douglas in 1707 #History #Scotland

For three consecutive days in 1707, we can follow in the footsteps of John MacMillan through his record of baptisms among the McMillanites…

At ‘Suffield moor in Lasmehagow’, Lesmahagow parish, Lanarkshire, Sunday 3 August, 1707.
‘Suffield’ lay somewhere near Draffin in Lesmahagow parish according to the following colourful parish session record:

‘23 March 1657.— Delat yt Jennet Hamilton in Suffield satt till 27 (Scotch) pynts of beir was drukn in Draffin, being seven in number. John Weir, packman, George Weir in Draffin and his wyf, Ja. Hamilton in Fence; Ordains to cit them. (Greenshields, Annals of Lesmahagow, 137.)

southfield-blackwoodSouthfield Farm © Iain Thompson and licensed for reuse.

Just south of Draffan is Southfield farm. Today, much of the former moor is covered by the village of Blackwood/Kirkmuirhill.

Map of Southfield                  Street View of Southfield Farm

On that Sabbath, MacMillan performed baptisms and probably preached:

‘David Young, New Munkland :—Marion, aged 12 weeks.
William Pillans in Torphichan:—John, aged 9 weeks.
Alexander Garner in Shots :—Mathew, aged 22 weeks.
James Russell, New Munkland :—James, aged 8 weeks.
John Marshall in Shotts:—Joseph, aged 20 weeks.
William Martine in Shots :—Janet, aged 25 dayes.
Marion Russell in Shots :—Alexander, aged 14 years.’

corramill-from-craignethan-castleCorramill, centre, from Craignethan Castle © Billy McCrorie and licensed for reuse.

On the following day (or months later), he was at nearby Corramill:

At ‘Cora Miln’, i.e., Corramill, Lesmahagow parish, Lanarkshire, Monday 4 August, 1707.
Corramill lay on the River Nethan in Lesmahagow parish.

Map of Corramill                 Street View of Corramill

The same list of baptisms for that day was also listed under 21 March, 1708.

‘John Jeamison’s children:—(Andrew Paull in Eastwood, parish, sponsor), Alexander, aged 16; John, aged 6 moneths.’

On the next day, or two days after the Southfield preaching and baptisms, he was further south in Douglas parish.

At ‘West Brigtoun in Douglas’, Douglas parish, Lanarkshire, Tuesday 5 August, 1707.
‘West Brigtoun’ is possibly Weston, which lies by the Arnesalloch Bridge, in Douglas parish.

Map of Weston                  Street View of Weston

At West Brigtoun, MacMillan baptised:

‘William Bradefoot in Douglas:—George, aged 9 weeks.
James Peetts in Douglas :—Thomas, aged 20 dayes.
Robert Kenady in Douglas :—James, aged 5 weeks.
John Stinstoun in Carmichall :—John, aged 8 dayes.’

Two years later, MacMillan was back in Douglas parish:

Douglas parish?, Lanarkshire, 22 October, 1709.
George Young in the parish of Finick:—Mathew, aged an year old.
Adam Gaw in the parish of Douglas:—May 7, 1710, William, aged 8 dayes.
James Pet in the parish of Douglas :—Janet, aged a moneth.
William Willson in parish of Carmichall:—Jo., aged 3 quarters.
John Williamson in parish of Carmichaell :—Thomas, aged half a year.

For more on the McMillanites, see here.

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