John McMillan and John Mack at Plewlands in 1707 #History #Scotland

In early 1707 in the Union Crisis, John MacMillan of the McMillanites was at yet another location with connections back to the militancy of the 1680s, Plewlands.

high-plewlandHigh Plewland

‘At Plilanheed’, Evandale parish, Lanarkshire, Tuesday 18 March, 1707.
Probably ‘Plelland’, i.e., at or near High Plewland.

Map of Plewlands            Street View of High Plewland

There MacMillan conducted one baptism:

‘John Mack in the paroch of Strathaven :—John, aged on[e] year.’

John Mack in Evandale parish had been a delegate to the United Societies’ general meetings in 1689. He was also a delegate to the general meetings of the Continuing Society people that later became the McMillanites.

In 1685, the ‘good man’ of Plewland was captured by John Graham of Claverhouse for assisting John Brown in Priesthill.

It is not clear if Mack lived at Plewland in Evandale parish in 1707, but it is possible that he did. It was a very remote location for MacMillan to visit. He also visisted on a Tuesday, i.e., not the day of a preaching. It is possible that Mack lived elsewhere in the parish. In 1694, a John Mack lived at ‘Fillheid’ near Unthank and Brackenridge. That location was probably ‘Fieldhead’, which lies to the west of the latter two farms. The Hearth Tax Roll for Evandale parish lists only one John Mack and he is found in a modest one hearth dwelling under ‘Fillheid’
‘Thomas Leiper — 1
Andrew Steill — 1
Andrew Riddell — 1
John Mack — 1′

Map of Fieldhead (North and South)        Street View of North Fieldhead.

Aerial view of North Fieldhead

Macmillan returned to the area four years later:

[Evandale parish, Lanarkshire] Saturday 1 December, 1711.
Alexander Borland in the parish of Evandale, a son called John, born July 18th, 1710.
James Muir in Evandale, a son called James, aged 18 weeks 3 days.
John Mickle had a child baptiz’d the same time.

The following year he was also in neighbouring Muirkirk parish, on one of his rare visits to Ayrshire:

Muirkirk parish, Ayrshire, Monday 26 May, 1712.
John Murdoch, a daughter named Margaret, 10 weeks old.
John Ranken in Moorkirk, a daughter named Jean, 6 weeks old.
Archibald Gai in Moorkirk, a daughter Helene, 7 days old.

For more on the McMillanites, see here.

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