The McMillanites First Preaching at Crawfordjohn in 1706 #History #Scotland

John McMillan had received a call to preach to the “Continuing” Society people on 10 October, 1706. His first preaching was at Crawfordjohn on 2 December, 1706, the same day that he conducted his first baptisms for the Society people.

Crawfordjohn, Crawfordjohn parish, Lanarkshire. 2 December, 1706.

Map of Crawfordjohn

After 1713, McMillan often baptised at Mountherrick, which lies beside Crawfordjohn.

Map of Mountherrick

‘The children of Dunkan Forbes in BorroustounessDunkan Forbes in Borroustouness : —Katrine, aged 13 years.
Of James Carmichaell in the paroch of Carmichaell: —Daniell, aged 12; Isobell, aged 10; William, aged 8.
Of Margaret Anderson in the paroch of Moorkirk :—Christin, aged 15; Mary, aged 10.
Of Tho[mas] Ca[l]derheed in the paroch of Shots:—John, aged x.
Of Mathew Flager in the paroch of Cragie :—John, aged 14.
Of Grisell Johnstoun in the paroch of Crafoord, December 3, at tuo in the morning:—James, aged 1.’

Crawfordjohn, Crawfordjohn parish, Lanarkshire, 8 February, 1708.
William Symintoun’s child, in the paroch of Lasmehagow, James, aged 6 moneths.

At Crawfordjohn, Crawfordjohn parish, Lanarkshire, 9 February, 1708.
were married ab eodem, William Crosby and Janet Craik.

Crawfordjohn, Crawfordjohn parish, Lanarkshire, 2 August, 1708.
Grizell Johnstoun in Crafordmoor:—Joseph, aged 4 moneths.

Crawfordjohn, Crawfordjohn parish, Lanarkshire, 16 January, 1709.
Joseph Stotart in paroch of Douglas:—Marrion, aged 8 weeks.
John Laurie in paroch of Carmichaell:—John, aged 12 weeks.

Crawfordjohn, Crawfordjohn parish, Lanarkshire, 1 May, 1709.
Alexander Weir, the forsaid parish :—Mary, aged an quarter.

[Crawfordjohn?] 2 May, 1709.
Hugh Muir in parish of Douglas:—Margret, aged 6 moneths.

Crawfordjohn, Crawfordjohn parish, 24 July, 1709.
James Firth in paroch of Carmichall:—John, aged 11 weeks.
Serjan Law in paroch of Carnwath.—
John Haddock in paroch of Carnwath :—Robert, aged 15 weeks.
Samuell Johnstoun in East Calder:—Elizabath, aged 9 weeks.
John Sheedden in parish of Bothwell:—Claud, aged 14 weeks.
William Meikell in parish of Bothwell:—Robert, aged 20 dayes.
John Pet in paroch of Hamiltoun :—Marrion, aged 14 weeks.
Bethea Sherilaw in paroch of Dalserf:—.Margaret, aged 20 weeks.
John Meikell in paroch of Glasford :—Marion, aged 26 weeks.
Patrick Love in paroch of Kilmacolm:—Margaret, aged 8 moneths.
Margaret M’Crie in paroch of Kilbryd:—Janet, aged an year and 20 dayes.
John Marshall in paroch of Shots :—Jannet, aged a quarter.
Ritchard Newlands in paroch of Shots:—John, aged 5 moneths.
John Christie in paroch of Shots :—Mary, aged a moneth.
Alexander Dick in paroch of Shots:—Jean, aged 5 weeks.
John Newlands in paroch of Shots :—James, aged 6 moneths.

Crawfordjohn, 16 July, 1710.
Mathew Neuland in parish of Shots:—Elspith, aged 10 weeks.

[Crawfordjohn] 17 July, 1710.
Thomas Wood in parish of Crafoord:—Thomas, aged 32 weeks.

Crawfordjohn, Crawfordjohn parish, Lanarkshire, 10 April, 1712.
marryed at Crawfoordjohn, Mr. Charles Umpherston and Elizabeth Bailie in Pentland.

At [Crawfordjohn?, Crawfordjohn parish, Lanarkshire], [October,] 1712.
To John Welsh, two sons called James and Joseph, one 8 years and the other 6.
To William Yule in Crawfordmoor, a son John; item, another son James, baptiz’d October, 1712.
John Blacklaw in Campshead had a child baptiz’d at the same time, called Catharine.

At Crawfordjohn, Crawfordjohn parish, Lanarkshire, October, 1712.
James Moffat in Glengeith a daughter Mary.
John Douglass in the parish of Robertoun had a daughter named Catharine.
To Matthew Newlands in Tarphichen parish a son called John, born December 27, 1711, baptized at Cloakburn July 26, 1712.

For the Covenanters in Crawfordjohn parish, see here.

For more on the McMillanites, see here.

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