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John MacMillan conducted baptisms among the McMillanite Society people at Castlehill near Lanark, Carnwath Moor and Henshilwood near Carnwath from 1708.

‘Castlehill’, Lanark parish, Lanarkshire, Thursday 12 February, 1708.
Castlehilll was a tower house and farm on the opposite bank of the Mouse Water from the tower at Jerviswood.

Map of Castlehill

James Clarkson child, in the paroch of Carnwath, Michaell, aged 6 moneths.
John Reid in the paroch of Bothwell, John, aged 3 quarters.

At Castlehill, Lanark parish, Lanarkshire, Sunday 23 January, 1709.
Thomas Barry in paroch of Carstairs:—Thomas, aged 10 weeks.
John White in Carstairs:—Janet, aged 9 weeks.
William Symintoun in Lasmehagow paroch:—Andrew, aged 6 weeks.
Margaret Meikell in Lasmehagow:—Mary, aged 7 weeks.
Isobell Forrest in paroch of Cambusnethen:—Elizabath, aged 14 weeks.
Ritchard Dobbie in paroch of Carluke:—Thomas, aged 11 weeks.

Castlehill, Lanark parish, Lanarkshire, Saturday 29 April, 1710.
To Gavin Lawrie in the parish of Carluke, a son James, 10 weeks old.
To Matthew Newlands in Livingston, Elizabeth, May 8,1710. Feb. . . ., 1710.
To Richard Dobie in the parish of Carluke, a son Thomas, aged 3 months.

‘Carnwathmoor’, Carnwath parish, Lanarkshire, Sunday 8 August, 1708.
It is not clear where the meeting or preaching at Carnwath Moor took place, but it may well have been at one of the sites used in the 1680s. Donald Cargill had preached near Carnwath in October, 1680, and at Benry Bridge in the moorland on the boundary of the parish in June, 1681. The latter site is recorded in later tradition, as is Leven Seat, just over the same northern boundary, which was also said to have been used for field preachings.

Jo. Hastie in paroch of Shots:—Beteritch [Beatrice], aged 18 weeks.
Alex. Broun in paroch of Livistoun :—Janet, aged 8 dayes.
Will. Broun in paroch of Carnwath:—William, aged 18 weeks.
John Mann in paroch of Carnwath :—John, aged 19 weeks.
Alex. Mathison in paroch of Carron :—Margaret, aged 16 weeks.
Isobell Weir in paroch of Lasmehagow:—Isobell, aged an quarter.


At Henshilwood, Carnwath parish, Lanarkshire, Friday 3 November, 1710.
In the 1680s, Henshilwood was the home of a forfeited laird, John Meek, in the 1680s. In 1732, ‘Hunselwood’ was where the McMillanites produced a set of queries for elders.

Map of Henshilwood                 Street View of Henshilwood

To James Clarkson in the parish of Carnwath, a daughter Margaret.
To John Wilson there, a son Alexander.
To John Martin there, a daughter Mary.

At Henshilwood, [Carnwath parish, Lanarkshire,] Friday 30 November, 1711.
To James Paterson in the parish of Carstairs, a son called George.
To John Davie there, a daughter Isobel.
To Thomas Barry there, a son called Thomas.

At Henshilwood, Carnwath parish, Lanarkshire, Monday 12 May, 1712.
To Thomas Barry in Carstairs, a son called James. [See above]
To John Davie there, a son called James. [See above]
To John White there, a daughter called Jonet.

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