The McMillanites’ Pentland Connections #History #Scotland


A key location for the leadership of the McMillanites was Pentland in Lasswade parish, Edinburghshire. The small community of Society people there had sprung from Helen Alexander and James Currie, merchant in Pentland, who both knew James Renwick in the late 1680s.

From 1707, the minister of the “Continuing” Society people, John MacMillan, conducted several marriages and baptisms among members of that community, but not always at Pentland.

‘At Holstone’, Dumfriesshire?, September 4, 1707.
Perhaps Holstane, aka Holstain, Holestane in Durisdeer parish, Dumfrieshire.

Map of Holstane                Street View of Holstane

‘James Umpherston and Marion Broun in Pentland wer married by the Rev. Mr. Jo. M’Millan.’

At Pentland, Lasswade parish, Edinburghshire, 4 August, 1708.
Mr. John M’Neil and Beatrix Umpherston were married by the Rev. Mr. John M’Millan.
Anaple Umpherston, born July 29, 1708, was baptised at Pentland, August 4, 1708, by Rev. Mr. Jo. M’Millan.

Map of Pentland

Pentland, Lasswade parish, Edinburghshire, 2 May, 1710.
James Umpherston, his son and daughter, James and Helen Umpherston, twins, born April 16, 1710, wer baptized by the Rev. Mr. Jo. M’Millan.

Pentland, Lasswade parish, Edinburghshire, 12 September, 1711.
[Mr. John M’Neil and Beatrix Umpherston’s son] William M’Neil, born September 9th, 1711, was baptized by Mr. John M’Millan at Pentland, September 12, 1711

Pentland, Lasswade parish, Edinburghshire, 12 November, 1711.
Mr. John M’Mains and Anne Floyd in Edinburgh.
Ditto, James Gifford and Margaret Penman.

At Biggar, Biggar parish, Lanarkshire, 23 May, 1712.
James Umpherston in Pentland his daughter Elizabeth, born February 29, 1712, was baptized by the Rev. Mr. John M’Millan.

Munday the 7th of September, 1713.
Marryed in Edinburgh, James Currie and Agnes Burn in Tweedale.

Children baptized ibidem, Two to Mr. Jo[hn]. M’Neil, preacher.
Thomas, son to David Donaldson, glover in Edinburgh, May 1712.
James Umpherston had some baptized. Helene, daughter to Mr. Charles Umpherston in Pentland.
Alexander, son to Alexander Tenent, shoemaker in Calton at Edinburgh.
James Gifford at Currie had a child baptiz’d. Janet, daughter to James Brigton, baptized at the Boarstone, 1712.

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