The McMillanites near Carfin and Glasgow #History #Scotland

Carfin Byres

From 1707, John MacMillan baptised the children of followers near Carfin and in parishes near Glasgow. These baptisms hint at where the Society people were present in earlier decades, as MacMillan was the first preacher they had had since 1690. His record of baptisms among the McMillanites is also unique as no other ministers that the Society people had left such a record.

At Carfin Byres, Bothwell parish, Lanarkshire, 6 January, 1707.

Map of Former site of Carfin Byres

William Robison in the paroch of Bothwell:—Bethea, aged 3; James, aged 5 quarters.
Margaret Scot in the paroch of Bothwell:—John, aged 2; Robert, aged 1.
John Gillies in the paroch of Dalyell:—Bethea, aged 9; Margaret, aged 6; Christin, aged 1.
James Smith in the paroch of Bothwell:—William, aged 8; James, aged 5; Alexander, aged 4; Robert, aged 3.
Robert Fullertoun in the paroch of Dalserf:—Margaret, aged 6; Robert, aged 2; Jean, aged 15 dayes.’

At Carfin Byres, Bothwell parish, Lanarkshire, 26 January, 1709.
James Smith in paroch of Bothwell:—Walter, aged 3 quarters.
Alexander Smith in paroch of Bothwell:—William, aged 3 quarters.
John Reid in paroch of Bothwell:—James, aged 10 weeks.
Adam Selchrig in Old Munkland:—Isobell, aged an quarter of a year.

‘At the Bayers’, i.e., Carfin Byres, Bothwell parish, Lanarkshire, 2 March, 1710.
baptised four.


At Johnston, Calder parish, Lanarkshire, 5 March, 1707.

Map of Johnston                 Street View of Johnston

James Biggart, in the paroch of Eastwood:—James, aged 5 quarters.
John Selkirk, in the paroch of Old Munkland:—Agnes, aged 12 hours.
John Miller in the paroch of New Munkland :—Joseph, aged 11 dayes.
Thomas Scot in the Barony of Glasgow :—William, aged 16; Kaitheren, aged 9; John, aged 9 quarters.
Alexander Thomson in the Barony of Glasgow:—Margaret, aged 16; Gabriell, aged 13; Marion, aged 10; William, aged 8; Kaitherin, aged 5; Mary, aged 1.
Robert Urie at the Brige end of Glasgow:—James, aged 3 quarters. [See below]
Alexander Gillies in the toun of Glasgow, brother to Isobell, aged 14; George, aged 10; James, aged 4.’

Johnston, Calder parish, Lanarkshire, 1 August, 1707.
William Miller in Newmunkland:—Agnes, aged a moneth.

At Johnston, Calder parish, Lanarkshire, 30 December, 1711.
William Stirling in Old Monkland :—Jean, 9 days old.
Margaret Callendar in Old Monkland :—Robert, 3 quarters of year, and eight days old.
James Mitchel in Old Calder:—John, 26 weeks old.
Robert Urie in Govan :—Jean, 3 quarters old. [See above]
John Watson in Greenock :—John, 13 weeks old. [See below]
John Wardrope in Eastwood:—Walter, 12 months old.
Patrick Love in Kilmalcomb :—William, 7 months old.
James Laird . . . :—Alexander, 12 months old.
Margaret Urie in Rutherglen :—James Tindal, 3 quarters old.
Jonet Craig in Paisley :—Jean Cleeland, 5 quarters old.

At Johnston, Calder parish, Lanarkshire, 31 December, 1711.
To John Watson, the parish of Greenock, a son called John, born September ult., 1711.— [See above]
To Alexander Porter in Greenock, a daughter named Margaret.

‘At Todhill in Old Monkland’ parish, Lanarkshire, 21 March, 1708.
Where Todhill was in Old Monkland parish is not clear.

John Jeamison’s children, in the paroch of Eastwood (Andrew Paull, sponsor):—Andrew, aged 10; Mary, aged 8.
William Robison in the paroch of Bothwell:—John, aged 6 moneths.

For more on the McMillanites, see here.

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