The Covenanter’s Cave at Crawick #History #Scotland



This one came as a surprise to me…

After posting about a James Hyslop poem composed on the banks of the Crawick Water in Sanquhar parish, Nithsdale, Daniel James Hyslop tweeted me that he remembered when he was a boy in the seventies that ‘my brother and I walked the “old footpath” above Sanquhar where a locally known Covenanters cave sat’.

Is was there yet another “Covenanter’s Cave” in Sanquhar parish besides the two Peden caves at Glendyne and by the Howat’s Burn?

Daniel continued: ‘It sat high up on the bank of the Crawick’ and that ‘My brother and I got a stern telling off for going near it as it was in an incredibly dangerous state at that time.’

He sent me a map (see picture above) and explained that as he remembered, the cave lay ‘somewhere between the two red markers. Somewhere along the dirt track lies entry to the bank path’ where the cave lies near.

The cave does not appear on the modern OS map.

However, when one looks at older maps, a cave is clearly marked by the bank of the Crawick Water.

Crawick 2Crawick Cave

For more on the Covenanters in Sanquhar parish, see here.

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