Twentieth to Twenty-Second General Meetings of the Cameronians


These meetings are not that interesting from my perspective, but they do provide further detail on who the delegates to the Cameronians’ General Meeting were.

20 General Meeting at Crawfordjohn, 25 October, 1699.

Members of the committee were to be
Sir Robert Hamilton.
Mr. Robert Smith.
Mr James Kid [for the Lothians].
James Currie, in Pentland.
Thomas Gillespie [in Closeburn parish?].
Duncan Forbes [in Bo’ness. Formerly part of the Leeuwarden society with Sir Robert Hamilton in c.1685.].
William Stuart. [Galloway]
Hugh Dickie [in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.]
Alexander Porter[field?].
William Millar.
John Muirhead.
John Cran [perhaps James Cran? for Lanarkshire?].

21 General Meeting at Crawfordjohn, 17 April, 1700.
A conditional release from suspension for James Paterson of the Nithsdale correspondence.

Appointment of delegates for a conference with Mr Hugh McHendry:
Sir Robert Hamilton.
Mr. James Kid.
Ninian Oliphant.
Thomas Kirk [or Kid?].
James Mundell or Robert Glover.
John Robson.
Joseph Francis, in Irvine, Ayrshire.
Robert Tyler.
Robert Maxwell, for Renfrewshire.
Francis Graham.
Robert Hamilton.

22 General Meeting at Cairn Table Hill, 10 July, 1700.
Map of Cairntable

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